MR2 Spyder Lightweight Lifter Conversion
I found this out with the help from the board so I am returning the favor by making this page. Total cost of conversion is $220 (retail price from dealer) if checked and installed yourself. The Buckets cost $13.75/each from the dealer. Mine only took a day to get.

The stock bucket weighs 1.6 oz. & the MRS(MR Spyder) weighs 1.03 oz. That is a weight savings of 35.5%.

When high lift cams are used with stock(2nd gen) lifters it has caused the shims that are used for adjusting cam/lifter clearance to fly out. This eliminates that by eliminating the shim all together. That lightens the valve train weight and allows higher RPM limits.

Below is a MRS Bucket on the left and a stock 2nd Gen bucket on the right. The MRS bucket eliminates the shim. You have to buy the bucket in different thicknesses to set your clearance.

This picture on right shows you the underside of each bucket.

This is the measurement you have to make to your lifters with shim. You have to make sure your clearances are correct before you order the MRS buckets. That way you will only have to buy sixteen of them. The number the dealer is looking for is 5.06mm-5.95mm. My lifter shown measured .215 from center of inside to the top of the shim. The conversion for english to metric is:

.215(english) x 25.4(constant to get mm) = 5.46MM

On the inside of the bucket I ordered was a 46 which represents 5.46mm.

Below is a shot of the lifter in the head. Notice the area that is increased from not having shim. Great for high lift cams no shims to fly out and 35% lighter!!!

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